Saturday, March 23, 2013

Style vs. Substance—UPDATED

Pretty soon, the phenomenon Simcha Fisher calls the "papamoon" will be over — if it's not over already, as secularists and progressivists are starting to catch on to the fact that Pope Francis is Catholic (surprise!). But there are still people who are using Papa Bergoglio as "good pope" to tear down Papa Ratzinger as "bad pope" to serve their own agendas.

Michael Voris occasionally irritates me. He can come off as too pompous, too self-righteous, and too vulnerable to conspiracy theories. (And maybe this is just my capillary envy talking, but the hair — don't get me started.)

But when he's right, he's so right.

Update: 4:14 pm

Elizabeth Scalia quoted Pope Francis' "spiritual poverty" speech yesterday, in which the new pontiff, referring to "my much beloved predecessor", equated it with "'the tyrrany of relavitism', which makes everyone his own criterion and endangers the coexistence of peoples." In an update, she linked to John Allen's post on the matter, and repeated his comment: "... [A]nyone who saw [Francis'] election as a repudiation of the broad philosophical and theological outlook of Benedict XVI probably has another think coming." Which caused one of the Anchoress' readers to explode in the combox:

The Think Nazi?