Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nothing to see here ....

That's right, I deleted my last post. It was written intemperately, and without full appreciation of the facts.

Anytime you write to be read publicly, you take the risk of looking like an idiot. I normally take more time to be sure of my facts ... which usually means that, when I do comment, the tide of affairs has already raced past me and I'm left stranded. Besides, when I don't wait for the facts to become clear ... this kind of thing happens.

I suppose I could have just deleted the post without further comment. ("What post is he talking about, anyway?" "Oh, the one about distributists bombing Boston, I think, and some crazy traditionalist.") But I owe it to the few but lovely people who actually read what I write to apologize for my goof.

Carry on with your normal surfing. That is all.