Monday, December 23, 2013

A message from Phil Robertson

... or, at least it claims to be from him. With Photoshop you can never be sure. But given the kind of person Robertson's revealed himself to be, I can believe he is behind this message.

That's gratitude for you. Gratitude to all those who have served. Seems every time Congress wants to save a nickel, veterans are the ones they screw to save it.

Of course, the real problem is the longer lifespans we live. If you enlist right out of high school, you qualify for a 2/3rds pension when you're not even forty years old ... a pension the government pays you for conceivably twice as long as your original term of service. Go thirty years, and the government pays you 3/4ths pension for about as long as your service term. In either case, you have plenty of years left to earn a civilian salary while collecting a military pension; some even go to work for the government in another sector and become "double-dippers". Is it any wonder Alexander cut the Gordian knot rather than try to untie it?