Monday, December 30, 2013

Belated: Sunday Snippets — A Catholic Carnival (Vol. 13:52)

My apologies for the late appearance of this post. My brain decided it hadn't had enough rest on Wednesday and shut down on me Sunday.

"Sunday Snippets — A Catholic Carnival" is, as I've explained before, a selection of posts from around the Catholic blogosphere collected by RAnn of This, That and the Other Thing. In this manner, it's sort of like New Evangelists Monthly, to which I also contribute, except instead of directly linking you to the articles themselves, Sunday Snippets links you to posts in which any number of articles can be linked. So while it entails more steps, you'll find some good writing by writers that the big blog aggregators can miss.

On this blog I haven't done much ... just passed along a message from Phil Robertson concerning cuts to veterans' benefits, as well as linked to my quater-weekly submission to Catholic Stand, "Talking white trash". On Outside the Asylum, my only effort was "Phil Robertson's other controversial statement", where I turn my attention to the public perception that the Duck Dynasty patriarch had said black people were happy under "Jim Crow laws" and find it to be an exaggeration. Hopefully I'm all done with the Bearded One, and can discuss other things closer to my heart than a "reality show" I never watch.

And that's it for now. Have a great week, and a safe New Year's Eve!