Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival (Volume 13:51)

... And I finally got the proper photo credit at the bottom. Credit where credit is due.

Welcome again to "Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival", where, after briefly recapping my own poor efforts to entertain and instruct, I refer you back to RAnn's This, That and the Other Thing, wherein you'll find links to other Catholic writers begging for discerning readers to become followers. Just follow the link, and you'll be enriched and edified by a goodly collection of obscure but worthy talents on many issues.

Of course (of course you knew I'd say "of course"), this week I don't have much to offer, though I am getting better at posting at least once a week. In Outside the Asylum I offer you "No 'Christmas' without Christ", a reflection on American Atheists' annual whiny-a$$, crybaby billboard reflecting their odd conviction that people still go to church only out of a sense of social obligation (the only people this description really fits are Unitarians, whose church has been described as "Sunday worship for agnostics"). Then here on The Impractical Catholic I offer you "Another stoopid lefty meme to fisk", one that shows us once again why it takes more than a Bible and a sense of one's intellectual superiority to properly learn Christianity. Just for fun, I've also posted a video clip demonstrating that Chuck Norris is The Man and Jean-Claude Van Damme is a mere wanna-be.

I don't know if I'll be posting anything between Wednesday and today; if not, then have yourself a wonderful, memorable Christmas! See you Thursday with a link to my upcoming Catholic Stand post!