Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Snippets — A Catholic Carnival (Vol. 14:1)

Welcome back, my friends,
To the show that never ends.
We're so glad you could attend;
Come inside, come inside!
—Emerson, Lake and Palmer, "Karn Evil 9"

Yes, once again it's time for "Sunday Snippets — A Catholic Carnival", hosted by RAnn at This, That and the Other Thing. As she explains, "We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other." First, I create a post (here) to discuss and link to my week's efforts (or, my weak efforts, ATCMB). Then, I create a link to this post at the "Sunday Snippets" main page above. 

This has (hopefully) two effects: 1) It drives readers to my blogs from other blogs; 2) It exposes you, Dear Reader, to some tasty writing by other Catholic authors just waiting for their chance to break out of obscurity. Do please follow the turquoise-linked road ... you may very well be glad you did.

So what did I do over the last week? Not much, I'm afraid. 

In Outside the Asylum, I kinda stepped out of my normal comfort zone to write about "the recovery that isn't" — that is, the persistent lack of confidence in our economic recovery despite the most recent news about the gross domestic product (up 4.1% at the end of the third quarter of 2013) and the unemployment rate (down to 7.0% at the end of November). My answer: the recovery isn't nearly as strong as it's being painted, and it won't get much stronger until something is done about income inequality.

That post wasn't up two days when I came across an article written by Patrick J. Buchanan in Human Events, entitled "Inequality — Crisis or Scam?" (Guess which side he took?) It's not just that he missed the point of everyone's concern with income inequality; he missed it while making such stunningly obtuse statements that at the end I no longer wondered why the GOP shuns him ... he's the kind of Republican that makes the GOP look like it's the party "of the rich, by the rich and for the rich". (Well, in some ways it is — in fact, both parties are pretty much run for the pleasure and benefit of the wealthy — but most Republicans at least realize that such an appearance doesn't contribute to electability.) 

Anyway, that's what brought on my latest post here, "Pat Buchanan's clueless defense of income inequality", which ended up recycling some things I said in The Other Blog. Sometimes that happens: when a particular story gets hot, or a particular issue produces a spate of events and commentary, I'll find myself writing two or three posts on the matter, such as on l'affaire Phil Robertson (see last weekend's "Sunday Snippets").

And ... that's it! Go do some reading, and have a great day!