Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Snippets — A Catholic Carnival (Vol. 14:3)

Sunday Snippets is a weekly link-fest hosted by RAnn at This, That and the Other Thing. This post contains links back to my writing for the week, while also linking you back to RAnn's blog, where you can find links to other Catholic writers looking to entertain, instruct and amuse you. If you've already read what I've written earlier this week, then by all means go over to RAnn's place and delve into some other writers!

My main effort this last week was in Outside the Asylum: "Dumb idea #6,258: Create jobs by paying poor people less". There's been no small effort by conservatives to pooh-pooh a minimum wage raise, and as a measure to reduce the "wealth gap" I certainly agree that it can have no more than a temporary effect. But Richard J. Epstein wants us to go further: get rid of the minimum wage entirely, because by his reckoning (based on no identifiable facts) labor costs are too high. While I can certainly appreciate his major point — government-mandated redistribution of wealth is generally a bad idea — cutting the minimum wage is not just inappropriate, it's what-color-is-the-sky-in-your-world insane.

In The Impractical Catholic (this here blog) I managed to post three times on non-economic topics (woo-hoo!). First, there's "Being a jerk about gender pronouns", in which I explain why an intelligent, honest person should not use masculine pronouns in reference to a cross-dressing woman or feminine pronouns vis-à-vis a man pretending to be a woman. Then there's "Breaking up with the Pope is hard to do", in which I tweak Philip Pullela of Reuters for insisting that Papa Bergoglio's recent comments on abortion were meant only to placate Catholic conservatives. Last is "An end to arrogant atheism?", in which I reflect on a recent article in Slate by Richard Speckhardt of the American Humanist Association calling for atheists to be more charitable in their dealings with believers.

Go get your Catholic reading on! Have a great week!