Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Snippets — A Catholic Carnival (Vol. 14:4)

Here's how it works: A Catholic writer (such as Your Humble Blogger) writes a post in which s/he includes links to other posts written the previous week. The post includes a link to the "Snippets" page. Then, the link to the new post is submitted to RAnn's site. So when you follow the link above, you'll find a page that will link you to a bunch of fellow Catholic bloggers who offer you the best of their efforts, which will make tasty reading for a lazy afternoon.

This week I reached a major milestone in my life: I celebrated my fiftieth birthday on Thursday, Jan. 23. It just so happened that that day coincided with my monthly submission to Catholic Stand, which features plenty of good, solid Catholic writing, much by people with a higher profile in the Catholic blogosphere than mine. So my contribution for this month was "My First Fifty Years: What I've Learned", my little idiosyncratic take on important life lessons.

On Outside the Asylum, I posted what I hope will be the last economics post for some time, "The tragedy of the corporations", which argues that individual corporate efforts to hold down labor costs is the business world's collective decision to depress consumption and thus reduce their own income ... a kind of collective suicide pact. And on this blog, I posted "Calling George Orwell", a little reflection on a disturbing text message received by thousands of demonstrators in the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

That's all I have. Enjoy your Sunday, and I'll see you next week!