Saturday, November 8, 2014

A coldly calculated soft genocide—UPDATED

Nairobi, Kenya
Kitui, Kenya is about 83.1 miles (133.9 km) east of the capital city of Kenya. The following extract is from the website of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui:

Stand by the truth

Dear Christians, fellow Kenyans and all people of good will, We, the Catholic Bishops in Kenya, meeting at St. Mary’s Pastoral Center in Nakuru, greet you in the name of Our Lord.
During our weeklong Ordinary Plenary Assembly, we have taken stock and reflected deeply on the state of the nation and have identified the following issues of great concern:

  1. 2.   The Tetanus Vaccine
Dear Kenyans, due to the direction the debate on the ongoing Tetanus Vaccine campaign in Kenya is taking, We, the Catholic Bishops, in fulfilling our prophetic role, wish to restate our position as follows:
  1. The Catholic Church is NOT opposed to regular vaccines administered in Kenya, both in our own Church health facilities and in public health institutions.
  2. However, during the second phase of the Tetanus vaccination campaign in March 2014, that is sponsored by WHO/UNICEF, the Catholic Church questioned the secrecy of the exercise. We raised questions on whether the tetanus vaccine was linked to a population control program that has been reported in some countries, where a similar vaccine was laced with Beta-HCG hormone which causes infertility and multiple miscarriages in women.
  3. On March 26, 2014 and October 13, 2014, we met the Cabinet Secretary in-charge of health and the Director of Medical Services among others and rasied our concerns about the Vaccine and agreed to jointly test the vaccine. However the ministry did not cooperate and the joint tests were not done.
  4. The Catholic Church struggled and acquired several vials of the vaccine, which we sent to Four unrelated Government and private laboratories in Kenya and abroad.
  5. We want to announce here, that all the tests showed that the vaccine used in Kenya in March and October 2014 was indeed laced with the Beta-HCG hormone.
  6. On 13th of October 2014, the Catholic Church gave copies of the results to the cabinet secretary and the Director of Medical Services. The same was emailed to the Director of Medical Services on October 17, 2014.
Based on the above grounds, We, the Catholic Bishops in Kenya, wish to State the following:
  1. That we are shocked at the level of dishonesty and casual manner in which such a serious issue is being handled by the Government.
  2. That a report presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Health November 4, 2014 by the Ministry of Health, claiming that the Government had tested the Vaccine and found it clean of  Beta- HCG hormone, is false and a deliberate attempt to distort the truth and mislead 42 million Kenyans.
  3. That we are dismayed by attempts to intimidate and blackmail medical professionals who have corroborated information about the vaccine, with threats of disciplinary action. We commend and support all professionals who have stood by the truth.
  4. That we shall not waver in calling upon all Kenyans to avoid the tetanus vaccination campaign laced with Beta-HCG, because we are convinced that it is indeed a disguised population control programme.

The Kenyan government, predictably, has denied that the tetanus vaccine was laced with Beta-HCG. However, even accounting for cultural differences, Catholic bishops on the whole aren't given to making unfounded, wild-ass allegations of misconduct by their government officials. Nor are they given to lying about possessing evidence of such misconduct.

"Misconduct", however, is surely a poor euphemism for what's taken place.

Genocide, as it is most frequently used, does not have to result in the complete destruction of a race. Nor does full destruction need to be intended. In fact, "genocide" is frequently applied when speaking of white relations with Native Americans, from the unintended effects of smallpox and gonorrhea to the Trail of Tears.
It occurred to me earlier that, for all our pretensions to a higher, more advanced ethos than that of our ancestors, or even of fairly recent generations, we of the 21st century are only two rationalizations away from genocide: 1) "It's better for them." 2) "It's better for us." Let either or both of these excuses take hold of the minds who control the government, and genocide moves from mere contemplation to executive action. That's all it takes to tranform voluntary abortion, sterilization and euthanasia into mandatory, police-enforced acts: the conviction that we're doing something merciful and pragmatically necessary. And it becomes genocidal when the object of our merciful pragmatism is another group ... say, blacks or Latinos.

If the Kenyan bishops are speaking the truth, then, what has taken place, under the aegis of the Kenyan government and the possible collusion of certain United Nations organizations, is nothing less than a coldly calculated soft genocide.

It is a "soft" genocide because direct, immediately fatal action is not being used: crowds are not being gunned down; families and whole communities are not being shoved into gas chambers; cities and towns are not being bombed or set ablaze. Nonetheless, it is genocide; for the key is the prevention of future generations from troubling us.

And I have to laugh bitterly when I consider that those who would defend the Kenyan government, WHO and UNICEF are in the main those who condemn the slaughter of the Amalekites, who turn up their noses at Julius Caesar's slaughter and enslavement of the Gauls, who castigate our ancestors for their mistreatment of Native Americans, and who invoke Godwin's Law at the first drop of the words "Nazi" or "Hitler". The irony becomes richer for noting that defenders of the culture of death preen themselves on their "progressive" ideas; for imposing death on the very young, the sick, and the aged, as acts of mercy and necessity, is a practice as old as mankind.

We haven't really progressed. We're simply barbarians with more complex weapons, that's all.

UPDATE: November 9, 2014

Pia de Solenni points us to a statement from Dr. Wahome Ngare of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association which has been published on the website of MaterCare International, which substantially confirms the tests and the allegations. She also has a link to a piece written by the dean of the Strathmore Law School, Dr. Luis Franceschi, which suggests that both sides back down and samples of the shots be brought in for independent testing; stressing the need for everyone to act in good faith.

In theory, it's a very good idea. There's only one problem: an accusation of bad faith is already on the table.

The good doctor is asking the bishops to trust WHO/UNICEF to not take steps to prevent being exposed. Furthermore, perhaps without meaning to, Dr. Franceschi is impeaching the tests already performed at the behest of the bishops without any closer scrutiny.

It would be one thing to demand access to the chain of evidence, to question the samples, the methods and the results, and make a judgment as to the trustworthiness of the proof based on the merits of the tests performed. But what Dr. Franceschi has essentially said is, "Your evidence isn't good enough; it must be biased. We need tests done by real independent laboratories, not stooges of the Church."

That, at least, is a valid impression the Kenyans could draw, one that isn't helped by Dr. Franceschi's closing line: "Clearly, one of the two should back-pedal, and this depends purely on scientific evidence, not religious or moral convictions [bold font mine.—ASL]." Because, of course, Catholics can't do science.

Understand, I don't really doubt Dr. Franceschi's good intentions, and I have no grounds to infer that he's biased against the Church. Then again, I have no grounds to believe the Kenyan bishops would go so far as to lie or fudge evidence to back up their astonishing claim. At the same time, I Binged "Are New Vaccines Laced With Birth-Control Drugs?" as suggested by Dr. Ngare; all the articles I found seemed to have been copied and pasted from a 1995 report by Human Life International. So the contention that WHO has committed this sort of act before — Mexico in 1993; Nicaragua and the Philippines in 1994 — rests on an arguably biased source.

Here's my proposal: Tetanus shots should require no more than three rounds at six-month intervals for full immunization. The immunizations sponsored by WHO/UNICEF took place in October 2013, March 2014 and in this last October; there ought to be no more rounds necessary. However, if the Kenyan government or WHO/UNICEF insists on two more rounds, then the vaccines for these rounds should be certified by independent labs under the aegis of the Church; if certified clear of Beta-HCG, they should be administered with independent oversight.

It needs to be stressed that the Church in Kenya has no objection to tetanus immunization as such; the bishops' statement points out that both Catholic and public health institutions regularly provide the shots. Obviously, however, there's some difficulty getting all the children immunized on Kenyan resources alone. We thus have an implicit "souperism": accept the vaccination assistance, with the possibility of birth-control drugs being administered surreptitiously, or risk the death of many children.