Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thank you, Thomas L. McDonald

So Thomas L. McDonald, the tech-and-history guru of God and the Machine, decided to post a couple of series based on Lifehacker's "How I Work", the other one being "How I Pray", featuring other bloggers. After posting one featuring The Curt Jester's Jeff Miller, Tom extended an invitiation to his Facebook blogger friends to write "How I Work" posts.

I joke about "shameless self-promotion"; but really, I appreciate any chance I have to get either/both of my blogs promoted. It's all about extending the reach — the further the reach, the better possibility I can get to the one person in whose life I can make a positive difference. And the "How I Work" format got me to take a good look at my working patterns, to think through why I work the way I do, with the apps I use.

The actual “How I Work“ page is posted over on Outside the Asylum. And Tom, true to his word, has linked me up from his page. But what he says of me, I repeat of him: Add God and the Machine to your regular reading rotation. He's a clever guy and a good writer, and he bounces among topics with the freedom of a young soul.